How You Can Lower Anxiety Without Drugs

Worrying has been on my apperception these days- or, to be added precise- I’ve been bedeviled by anguish a lot lately. And as fate would accept it, so accept abounding of my clients. Getting a Awful Sensitive Person(HSP for short) and alive with so abounding HSP’s in my practice, I am actively acquainted that one of the above downsides to accepting this personality is the addiction to be afraid a lot of the time.

I anticipation I’d allotment some acceptable accoutrement and assets with you to advice you beat all-overs in your own life…

Step #1: Do the affair that scares you the a lot of until it doesn’t alarm you anymore

This apparatus is one of the greatest to squelch fears for acceptable and is accustomed by innumerable all-overs experts to get the high duke on the all-overs monster in your head. The basal abstraction actuality is this:


This is a lot of calmly approved by application the archetype of anyone with a phobia. Let’s say that Sue is abashed of aerial on an aeroplane and has massive agitation attacks every time she accomplish assimilate an aeroplane to go on vacation or for work. The cure?

SUE NEEDS TO FLY ON AIRPLANES AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AND FACE HER FEARS HEAD-ON (this is accepted in the acreage as “exposure therapy”).

As David Burns, MD credibility out in his book, If Agitation Attacks, this is the a lot of arduous analysis of all if it comes to snuffing out anxiety. I call it as ‘jumping appropriate into the freezing algid water’ against ‘inching your way into the freezing algid baptize one physique allotment at a time’. In short, it’s fast, abundantly animating and absolute terrifying, but already it’s done, you can kiss that all-overs goodbye.

In the book I just mentioned, David Burns gives a amusing archetype of alleviative a woman with an elevator all-overs with the accomplished stakes adaptation of acknowledgment analysis alleged “flooding”- which is full-force captivation into one’s affliction fear- adverse the abhorrence and cat-and-mouse it out until it dissipates) who was convalescent in 20 minutes! In short, Dr. Burns absolved the applicant to an elevator, encouraged her to go in and ride up and down, feel the panic, ride it out, and afresh accommodated him on the attic he was cat-and-mouse on at the end.

As she was benumbed up and down in the elevator, the woman met some handsome adolescent men who were affective offices and enjoyed flirting with them while accompanying cogent them that she was in the elevator as analysis for her elevator all-overs and her compress was cat-and-mouse for her on the third attic while she convalescent herself!

Step #2: Set Aside A Specific Time to Anguish and Stick to it

I actually adulation this abode because it injects humour into the situation. You see, us afraid worrywarts tend to be absolute austere about things. I’m academic if you can chronicle to what I’m adage here, you were a lot of absolutely a austere babyish and crawled about with a channelled countenance searching like a French Existentialist philosopher, allurement yourself this catechism about all you see about you: “What is the purpose of all of this?” If there is one affair I’ve abstruse by now about all-overs is that HUMOUR is anxiety’s ‘kryptonite’ and the added you can accomplish ablaze of things, the beneath all-overs will accept the high hand. If I’m in an afraid accompaniment I will about ask my hubby, “What’s funny about this?” and he consistently manages to acquisition something we can beam about. Works every time.

There is a abundant web ability I activate alleged All-overs BC that contains endless of accessible resources. They even accept a 24-hour all-overs crisis band you can utilize. On this site, I watched a accessible little video about Generalized All-overs Disorder, area an able gives the afterward tip:


Say you adjudge that you will anguish from 9:30-10:00 message every evening. Throughout your day, if a anguish ancestor up, jot it down in your ‘worry notebook’ to analysis at 9:30 and acquaint yourself you’ll abode it then. You accept to try this one out to see how absurd it is. I use a agnate abode area I accept audience accomplish a ‘worry jar’ and every time a anguish comes up, I acquaint them to address it on a atom of cardboard and put it in their anguish jar.

Then, on the aforementioned day anniversary week, they go through the debris of paper, one anguish at a time and see if it’s still a anguish to them. In about every case, they acquisition it funny to see what they were annoying about (especially the anguish addendum they wrote in the average of the night!), and apprehend that these weren’t accepted apropos to be so agitated about.

However, sometimes a accurate anguish keeps resurfacing and that brings us to the endure and conceivably a lot of important step…

Step #3: Yield accurate accomplishments on worries that you accept ascendancy over

Another abundant ability I apparent is a book by a analyst who specializes in alleviative all-overs disorders called Reid Wilson. It’s called; Stopping the Babble in Your Head: The New Way to Overcome All-overs and Anguish and I awful acclaim it. In this admirable book abounding to the border with real-life examples of humans advantageous their fears, Wilson differentiates amid what he calls “signals” and “noise” and what to do with anniversary one.

In essence, signals are worries that we can yield accurate activity on to abate the abhorrence associated with them and babble is the worries that cycle about in our arch that are out of our ascendancy or are irrelevant. The key is to amount out which one anniversary anguish is that ancestor up and amusement it accordingly. I’ll accord you an archetype to appearance how this works in absolute life.

Working with ‘Signals’

One of my audience wakes up a lot of nights in a algid diaphoresis with this thought: “We don’t accept abundant money now that I’ve larboard my husband. How will I abutment my kids?” She brought this anguish to a affair we had and we advised it and absitively that it was a ‘signal’ because she could yield accurate activity appear abbreviation her fear. We looked at several applied accomplish she could yield to abate the anticipation that she wouldn’t be able to pay for aggregate she and her two accouchement needed. Actuality are some things she planned on demography activity on for appointment to abate her abhorrence about money:

• Talk to a advocate about accepting a annulment and what that would accommodate in agreement of alemony and adolescent abutment from her ex

• Set up a affair with her banking adviser to accomplish the money she has advancing in plan for her as productively as accessible

• Accomplish a spreadsheet of a astute account for her accepted situation

The next time she came to see me, she appear appropriately that her ‘money worries’ had abundantly decreased and she was sleeping deeply already afresh to her abundant relief.

Learning to avoid ‘Noise’

The added kinds of worries abatement into the class of ‘noise’ and are appealing abundant abortive to absorb any time on, as they are not productive. Again, I will accord an archetype to illustrate:

Another applicant of abundance had the aforementioned anguish crop up over and over:

What if there is an earthquake?

I’ve formed with this accurate one assorted times because I reside in the Pacific Northwest which is a lot of absolutely an convulsion area and the anticipation of there getting an absolute convulsion is significant. However, even admitting earthquakes are a alarming anticipation to anybody I know, we don’t accept a accomplished lot of ascendancy over if and if they appear and our annoying about them has aught aftereffect on preventing them from accident so it’s absolutely a decay of our thought-producing efforts.

Side note: In Stopping the Babble in Your Head: The New Way to Overcome All-overs and Worry, Wilson credibility out that according to analysis on the animal brain, anniversary of us engages in FOUR HOURS of self-talk per day! Based on this finding, I awful acclaim that you not decay any of those hours on self-defeating thoughts about alien contest over which you accept no ascendancy such as earthquakes.

How can you differentiate amid a ‘signal’ to yield activity and ‘noise’? Well, ‘noise’ thoughts about activate with these two words: “What if… ?” If you acquisition yourself “what if-ing” a lot, you’ve apparently got to about-face down the ‘volume’ of your blatant advancing thoughts. How do you do this? If you accept the thought, try adage to yourself:


And abide to go about your business after acting on those asinine thoughts.

Here’s adulatory you a lot beneath annoying and lot added fun!