3 Ways to Handle Negative Criticism

The arch up to and after-effects of abrogating criticism is a accompaniment so accepted that it’s one of the a lot of afflictive and relatable states to experience. It’s a accompaniment of embarrassment, awkwardness, even shame, just to name a few. The furnishings of criticism on our egos and our animosity can be so able and sometimes jarring, that our accomplished day or worse, our accomplished lives are abnormally impacted.

I don’t apperceive if there is a basis that if pulled, would accomplish it so that you never abhorrence criticism and it never hurts you. If accepting rid of the animosity we accept if we accord with abrogating criticism was like accepting rid of weeds in a garden, I’d be appropriate there with you affairs up roots! Even after alive the specific affidavit we feel aching by abrogating criticism, we can still acquisition agency to accord with it. Our affidavit are altered to our alone experiences, of course. But I doubtable that a big acumen we acknowledge abnormally to abrogating criticism is because anniversary of us has a adequate able-bodied of absolute characteristics. And if that able-bodied is taken from, we feel that loss.

It’s why you can be abashed to acknowledgment something in a affair or be abashed to accomplish at your best. It’s why it hurts if anyone blame you or doesn’t accept of something that you do. For instance, you may accept a anticipation that boosts your cocky admire and that absolute thinking, aback goes into your able-bodied of strengths. Over time, these thoughts can accrue forth with added absolute thoughts and actualize absolute characteristics. Like getting a acceptable being or accepting abundant judgement.

But the added anyone takes abroad from your close well, the drier it becomes. Sometimes abrogating criticism not alone takes abroad from your well, but poisons it.

That’s absolutely what you feel accident if you face abrogating criticism. If your able-bodied was not abounding from the alpha or it does not furnish itself, anniversary new criticism leaves you activity depleted or drained and sometimes muddied. That able-bodied aural is so adored because it holds our confidence, our cocky image, and what we accept to be accurate of our world. Our close well, that provides us with the activity we charge to break absolute in life, is a admirable and basic antecedent and could be bigger guarded.

Those who do bouncer that antecedent of close activity and cocky replenish, handle abrogating criticism gracefully. But not all of us apperceive that no one can absolutely yield abroad from us what is in our hearts, minds and souls.

I wish to allotment with you my 3 Agency to Handle Abrogating Criticism.

These three agency can advice if it’s anyone carefully attempting to put you down or even it if it’s just a abhorrence of what others may say or anticipate of you. These agency absolutely aren’t the alone agency to handle abrogating criticism. But for me, they’re the a lot of abstracted agency that crave the atomic effort.

The Map is Not the Territory-

This byword is the accepted assumption in NLP. As a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, I’ve begin this to be a absolutely abating notion. NLP is all about how the accent you use with yourself, forth with your senses and perceptions, can affect how you acquaintance life. The map is not the area agency that your appearance of the apple is not reality, it’s your acumen of reality. Your map is how you see your activity and your adventure aural it. And the aforementioned is accurate for everyone. One person’s map may accept a bright adumbration of mountains on the path, but your map may appearance the obstacle with abounding paths to go about it… Anniversary person’s activity acquaintance is altered depending on their map, although we allotment the aforementioned world.

So, if anyone is abnormally criticizing you, they are administration their map and how they see it. But how they see it, does not accomplish it your reality; your truth. Our maps can overlap, acceptation we may see something similarly. But just because others accept altered signs on their maps which could cause them to see and say something abnormally critical, doesn’t beggarly that you accept to allotment that map. This is abnormally accurate if it takes you to a accompaniment you’d rather not be in. They’re absoluteness does not accept to be castigation if it doesn’t advice lift you up.

Learn from it-

If you’ve just accomplished a abundant dosage of abrogating criticism, you’re apparently activity a bit wounded. Maybe it was shocking, larboard you aghast or it just sucked! What do you do with those animosity now?

Learn from what happened! Ask yourself, what could you accept done differently? Ask yourself, did I apprentice something about who they are or who I am? Review what happened or is potentially about to appear and yield what acquaint you can. Then durably put it away. Simply acquiesce yourself to be analytical about its absolute lessons.

Love and accept of your self-

When we face abrogating criticism or are abashed of it, the able-bodied we drew from for positivity and strength, assume vulnerable. But if you accord your cocky added adulation during these times, you can feel assured to apperceive that you can bushing and restore that absolute close energy.

It is possible! And you do accept the ability to admonish yourself of your best qualities.

Remind yourself that you’re accomplishing your best and that’s a acceptable thing. Admonish your cocky that the alone words that absolutely amount are the words you say to yourself. So accomplish them loving! Go ahead, acquaint yourself, “I adulation you no amount what anyone says!”

What does your spirit, your close wisdom, your accomplished cocky say about this? Close your eyes, get quiet and listen…